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Fluororubber SKF-26

synthetic fluorinated rubber-like polymers (elastomers), copolymers of vinylidene fluoride with hexafluoropropylene. Compared with other synthetic and natural rubbers, they have high heat resistance and are difficult to combust. Used in the manufacture of rubber products intended for use in aggressive environments. SKF-26 is a storage-stable, non-toxic white product with a density of 1.80-1.86 g / cm3, a glass transition temperature of 22 ° C and a molecular weight of 10 thousand to 1 million. Raw rubber compounds based on SKF- 26 are characterized by resistance to aggressive media and solvents by mass change during swelling for 10 days at 20 ° C, in a 37% solution of hydrochloric acid, in a 98% solution of sulfuric acid, in a 40% solution of caustic soda, in liquid paraffin, in gasoline, in ethanol, in benzene, in carbon tetrachloride. In acetone and ethyl acetate – it dissolves.

When processing and / or manufacturing raw rubber compounds and rubber products, special personal protective equipment should be used, as toxic, dangerous and harmful substances can be released.