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Fluoride rubber SKF-26 SKF-32 CALCIUM FLUORIDE

Fluorine rubber SKF-26 and SKF-32

Fluoroelastomers are used today at many enterprises. Moreover, to obtain durable products, it is important to choose high-quality raw materials that are resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. On our website you can order high-quality fluororubber of the most common brands.


Fluoroelastomer is classified as an elastic polymer that is resistant to aggressive substances such as gasoline, mineral acids, oils, etc. Other material properties include:

1. Resistance to aggressive atmospheric influence – ultraviolet, ozone and precipitation will not be able to destroy the structure of the material.

2. Resistance to elevated temperature. Fluororubber can be used at temperatures from -30 to +300 degrees.

3. Absolute inertness to the influence of an aggressive environment. This raw material is not afraid of tar, hydrogen sulfide, solvents, oil, etc.

4. Compliance with fire safety standards. Fluororubber is completely non-combustible and fire resistant.

5. The material is non-toxic.

Today there are such brands of fluororubber:

1. SKF-26. It is a mixture of vinylidene fluorite and hexafluoropropylene. Rubber from such fluororubber can withstand temperatures up to +250 degrees for a long time.

2. SKF-32 Combination of chlorotriftoneltiller and vinylidene fluorite. Products made from the material of this brand have a long-term use temperature of up to +200 degrees.


These raw materials have proven themselves in the manufacture of rubber products. Fluororubber SKF-26 and SKF-32 are used today in many areas. It is the basis for:

– hoses for fuel;

– gasoline pump gaskets;

– o-rings;

– diaphragms for the pump;

– low reflective caps, etc.

As for the scope, fluororubber-based products are indispensable today in the automotive, chemical, aviation, tractor, and shipbuilding industries and other industries. You can order fluororubber on the website skf.in.ua.

You can order fluororubber SKF-32 or SKF-26 of high quality from us. Over 15 years of work, we have proved to our customers that the products presented on the site meet all the norms and standards and have a wide scope. Our consultants provide 24/7 support and help you choose the fluororubber brand and the volume of products you need.